This website is for anyone venturing online for the first time with the serious intention of making money from internet marketing. I say “serious” because, if you’re not to become one of the 98% who fail, you must have realistic expectations of what is required to achieve that and you must be prepared to work at it in the same way as you would at a day job. There are no “get-rich-quick” schemes here, no “$100-a-day” promises and no “just-sign-up-here-and-the-money-will-roll-in-without-you-doing-anything” opportunities. If that’s what you’re looking for, you will be disappointed. The reason for this is simple – there is no such thing!

Sure, you will see such promises all over the internet. You will see more hype and false claims than anything else in your attempts to make money online. Don’t believe it! This piece of advice alone will save you hours of wasted time, effort and frustration and possibly hundreds of dollars.

When considering whether or not to join a new opportunity, bear the following in mind.

  • If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  • There’s no such thing as a free lunch.
  • People will say and do anything to get you to join them in an opportunity.
  • Most internet marketing “gurus” have one aim – to relieve you of your hard-earned cash.

You may think I paint a depressingly negative picture of the internet marketing world which makes you want to give up before you even start. DON’T!

There are also some great, legitimate opportunities out there and some very genuine, helpful people who give freely and honestly of their advice. It’s been my pleasure to meet and receive help from many of them in the four years I’ve been marketing online.

The difficulty is knowing which is which and that’s where I can help you 🙂

At this point, you should be thinking “How do I know you’re not just saying all this to lull me into a false sense of security and then start trying to get me to part with my cash? Why should I believe you?”

If you are, EXCELLENT! You have just what it takes to succeed online – a healthy disbelief of everything you read!

Of course you don’t know that but I hope to prove it to you.

  • Honesty and integrity are the most important things for your reputation as an internet marketer and I guard both.
  • I’m an ordinary marketer just like you who likes helping newbies to avoid the pitfalls of working online.
  • I don’t promote anything I don’t use myself and believe to be worthy of my recommendation.
  • I can and will provide proof of any claims I make.
  • You can contact me at any time using my contact details here on my website.

The methods I discuss here are, in my opinion, the least risky and the most likely to make you money but they aren’t the only ways and there are no guarantees. So much depends on the person who’s working them.

Are you in? Great, let’s start 🙂

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