Best Advertising Sites

This page will show you which mailers are currently working best for me and why I use them. If I say something works, I have the proof to back it up – no hype or false claims here, just FACTS! I use a lot of mailers but I only promote the ones which give me the best results.


I am currently promoting Klaus Biesel’s viral mailer, Whitelist Email Marketing. WEM is different and I like that. Klaus is honest, dedicated and has incorporated some great, original ideas (most of them never seen before) into his mailer. He is also very skilled at SEO which is guaranteed to get some new, fresh members from the search engines so you don’t have the same people reading your mails all the time.

It really pays to keep an eye on what’s happening at WEM by logging in and reading the Event Calendar as often as possible. This is where you find out what events are scheduled and they are worth knowing about! It might be hunting the cash code for a $1 bonus or claiming a free referral just by carrying out simple tasks.

This is a mailer worth joining and upgrading in. The Promoter upgrade is only available inside and costs $64.

Klaus’s other site, Viral Website Traffic, shows the top sources for referrals to Whitelist Mailer. This website ( is on the list because I make and host my splash pages on my website server. The mailers I use to get on Klaus’s list can be found on this page.

Here is the proof that WEM works for getting signups.



When Doug and Louise launched Land Marketing Mailer in September 2013, I was one of the first to join. The Land Marketing Group of sites is all about results, plain and simple. The addition of a mailer to their already highly successful traffic exchanges was long-awaited and much requested. I knew this mailer would be no exception and I haven’t been disappointed.

Land Marketing Mailer claims to have one of the highest upgrade rates in the industry. In 10 months they have paid out $12,000 in commissions to their members and maintain an upgrade level of over 10%. My own results verify that as I have more upgraded members in my downline and have earned more commissions here than at any other mailer.

If you’re interested in clicking for cash or other distractions, don’t bother to join as you won’t find any of that here. If, on the other hand, you’re a serious marketer looking for serious results, you NEED this mailer.

The OTOs are incredible value and I would urge you to take one if you possibly can. This is one mailer where it’s definitely worth upgrading for the benefits of mailing to more members, more often.

Land Marketing’s aim is to help YOU earn money and they achieve that.

Here is the proof that LMM works for getting signups.