Relationship Marketing

When it comes to marketing online it seems that people have forgotten one basic fact – people like the personal touch. Whatever happened to relationship marketing?

What Is Relationship Marketing?

Basically it’s about building a relationship with people before you try to sell to them. People buy from people they know, like and trust and it’s all about branding yourself as that person. It’s about putting people and their needs before your business. It’s useful to look at the order of the words in the phrase “relationship marketing” – relationship comes first, business comes second.

The Role Of Social Networking Sites In Relationship Marketing

As an active member of several social networking sites aimed at internet marketers, I’m always surprised by the number of members who think getting others to join their opportunities is just a case of dashing in, posting their affiliate links in as many places as possible and dashing out again to do the same somewhere else. Well guess what! The’ve just wasted their time because it doesn’t work!

Social networking is a very effective way to build your business if it’s used correctly and the perfect place to practice relationship marketing. Socializing with other members lets you build relationships in a way that no other advertising method does.

How To Use Relationship Marketing In Social Networking

If relationship marketing is all about people then it makes sense to get to know as much about them as possible. What do they need? What problems do they have which your product could solve? Show you’re interested in them as people rather than just as prospects for your business but above all be genuine because it will be obvious if you’re not.