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“Why don’t my referrals upgrade and what can I do about it?” I see this question asked quite often in the Open University and I fully understand how frustrating it is when you’ve worked hard to get referrals and they can’t seem to see the benefits of upgrading, if, indeed, they ever log in to find out!

Before I get into any tactics to improve the odds in your favour, let me say this. There is nothing you can do to ‘make’ your referrals upgrade, nor should you even try. Nothing will put them off quicker than feeling pressured into something they’re not ready to do.

So what may be stopping your referrals from upgrading and what, if anything, can you do about it.

They can’t afford it.

For many people, especially those from the less-developed countries, $24.95 is a lot of money. Conversely, the money they can earn at Swom, assuming they can make the initial payment, is likely to be worth a lot more to them in their own currency. If they could just find the first month’s fee, they would probably be more than willing to put in the work needed to cover it and make a profit the following month. There is no obligation on your part to help them but if you do, it could be very profitable for you.

When a referral upgrades you get $15. You could offer to pay $5 or even $10 of that to your referral to help cover the cost of their first month and you would still be in profit. When considering how much you would be prepared to offer, please bear in mind there may be transfer charges on the transaction.

You may be inclined to offer to pay the full month’s subscription fee. You should only do this if you can afford to lose $24.95. There is no guarantee thay will use it to upgrade and it’s wise to be cautious. I would not recommend doing this for someone else’s referral unless you have a particular reason to do so, since you have nothing to gain from it.

Being prepared to save up to invest in a programme is a good indication that someone will be willing to work hard at it. If you pay for them, don’t be surprised if they disappear when the renewal date arrives.

They don’t have a bank account or credit card.

Many people have a problem funding their AlertPay account because they don’t have a bank account to connect to it. That also means they won’t have a credit card to use.

If they have funds in a PayPal account, you could offer to do an exchange. They transfer money to your PayPal account and you transfer the same amount to their AlertPay account so they can pay for their upgrade. I have done this several times and it’s worked out very well. Usually, the person who is benefitting would pay the transfer fee but of course that’s up to you.

The only other alternative is for them to buy a pre-paid Visa card and use that to upgrade.

They don’t have the time.

People are busy. They have families, jobs, hobbies and a hundred and one other reasons why they can’t sit at a computer all day. Many blue members (and many Golds, too) mistakenly think it takes a long time to get enough points to cover their fee. You can definitely help them with this one!

Explain to them that all they need is a system. You do have a system, right? If you don’t and you wish you did, you can read mine here. It’s possible to do everything you need to do at Swom to cover your fee and be in profit in less than 2 hours a day. A system will let you do everything at the same time – get your points, make connections (possible referrals or future business partners), take part in the Gold Evangelist Bonus to maximise your earnings and promote your business. That’s what we’re all here for, isn’t it?

Show them how to work smarter, not harder.

They’re worried Swom is a scam.

This one is easy! There are hundreds of very happy Gold members who have been paid on time every month since they upgraded. If you haven’t earned enough yet to withdraw any money, send your referral to somebody who can show them proof of payment. There are plenty of members who will be only too happy to oblige.

They don’t want to.

This one is the hardest. If they don’t want to upgrade, there’s nothing you can do about it except hope they change their mind. Keep referring and move on to the next one. People are unpredictable and do things when you least expect it. Maybe they will suddenly see the benefits and upgrade. Now wouldn’t that be a nice surprise? :)

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