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Change always unsettles people and Swom’s new “like” system is no exception. It seems that one of the main reasons for this is that members feel they no longer have control over earning points. THAT’S SO WRONG!

The majority of points must now come from other members “liking” what you post. Your success at Swom now depends on QUALITY. You can most definitely influence the amount of likes you get by thinking about what you write. How many likes you get depends on you and not other people! YOU HAVE THE POWER! Write some great content and you WILL be “liked”!

I understand that people feel daunted by this prospect, particularly those who don’t have English as their native language but Swom members are a friendly bunch and they really do want to help one another succeed.

So what can you post that will get you “likes”? Here is a list of ideas taken from a question in the OU.

  • Motivational and positive comments
  • Something that will make the reader smile or laugh
  • Good news
  • Helpful information about any subject (not just marketing)
  • Encouragement and guidance such as marketing tips or Swom tips
  • Relationship building by getting others to participate in the conversation
  • Asking questions or sharing something about yourself
  • Announcing new referrals
  • Posting comments relevant to the conversation
  • Welcoming and helping newbies
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Posting comments which show you’ve made an effort to think of something interesting to say

Less likely to get you “likes”.

  • Just saying “Hi”, “Hello”, “Happy swomming” or any comment which doesn’t add anything to the conversation
  • Posting an ad in the middle of a conversation
  • Asking for “likes” or any other reference to “like” swapping

As you can see, the list of subjects which are more likely to get you a “like” is much longer than the one which isn’t. That gives you plenty of choice on what to write about and a bit of practice will make you an expert in writing quality content.

PLEASE NOTE You will see a lot of posts, questions and comments encouraging you to participate in “like” swapping groups. The choice of whether or not you do this is yours but Swom’s view on this is clear. Admin have already said this cheating and will almost certainly stop it, maybe with penalties to those taking part. It’s up to you but I can’t really see that it’s necessary to risk it with all the suggestions here.

Whether we like it or not, the new system forces us to think about what we post and make it quality content and the dashboard is a much better and more interesting place because of it.

Swom is a social networking site for business and that’s what we’re now seeing – a great mix of business ideas, advice and information, relationship building and positive interaction. All of these are necessary to be successful in Internet Marketing and business in general. Swom is giving us the means to that success!

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