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Income from points at Swom is now based on quality rather than quantity.

Under the new system which was introduced on 10 Feb 2011, you now have 50 “likes” a day to give away to others. Each “like” you give earns the receiver 2 points and you 1 point. That’s 50 guaranteed points to begin with. The rest will come from others “liking” what you post. Check out this post for ideas on quality content which will get you “likes”.

You can only “like” one person once a day. To avoid abuse of the system, multiple “likes” to the same person only count as 1 “like” per day. The system will allow you to click the “like” button more than once but neither of you will be credited with points. In effect, it’s a wasted “like”.

How to know if you’ve already “liked” someone today.

There are a couple of ways you can do this.

  • Write down the names of people as you “like” them and check it before giving another. You can do this on paper, in Notepad or on an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Open a new tab showing the breakdown of your community points. To do this, click on the total points under your profile pic or on the ‘more’ link next to ‘Community points earned this month’ under Income. On the chart for ‘Community Points Today’, find the line for Like worth 1 point. This is a running total of the number of “likes” you’ve given today. Check the Count column and remember the number. Award your “like”, go back to the other tab, refresh the page and recheck the number. If it has gone up by 1, you haven’t “liked” that person already today. If it stayed the same, you have. To get your wasted “like” back, go back to the comment and “unlike” it. You now have it back to give to somebody else. This video shows how it works.
    Please note Once you have reached your maximum points for the day, this system will no longer work.

You can see who has “liked” your posts by clicking on the ‘number of people’ link next to the pink thumbs up. A pop-up will appear showing thumbnails of the people who have “liked” that particular comment. You will notice that some names are in blue and some in black. Black indicates that you haven’t visited that member’s profile in a while.

Why do some posts/comments not have a “like” button?

There should be only one occasion when you don’t see a “like” button next to a post or comment and that’s when you’re viewing your own. For obvious reasons, you can’t “like” what you write yourself.

There are a few bugs with the system which make the “like” button not appear when it should. Sometimes refreshing the page fixes it but if it doesn’t, here’s what to do.

Right click on the Options link in the top right hand corner and select ‘Copy Link Location’. Open a new tab and paste it into the address bar. Delete the words ‘delete_confirmation’ and press enter. The thread will load and the “like” button will be there.

Once you have reached your maximum 200 points for the day, you can no longer receive 1 point for each “like” but you can still award them and the people who receive them will still get 2 points unless they themselves have maxed out. Once you have given out your 50 “likes” for the day, the “like” button will turn grey and become unclickable.

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