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It says a lot about the generosity of Swom members that so many have started blogs, websites and groups to provide information and help to other members. Since Swom has not provided us with banners, many members have made their own and shared them for others to use.

Here is my list (in no particular order) of recommended reading.

Earn As You Learn – This is my website which I use to promote Swom. It is aimed at newcomers to IM and is presented as a complete package of tools and places to advertise so they can start earning straight away.

Swom Tips & Tricks – Julio Magallane’s blog is probably the best known and most frequented of all the resources available to swommers. His ‘Shared Members’ page, which has an up-to-date list of all new members, makes it very easy to find and connect with people as they join. He also has a list of ‘Most Active Members’, sorted by points and contacts, which we must surely all have visited at some point, just to check out how we’re doing ;)

Swom Success Group – Swom group led by Dr. Don Yates where both blue and Gold members can get information, help and support from their fellow swommers.

How To Swom - Roger Bjornerud’s straightforward, tell-it-like-it-is approach makes for some very interesting reading. In true Roger style, he also has some suggestions for improving Swom and you are invited to post your own.

TLT Says Internet Marketing Made Easy – Ed Blount has the Top Ten Tips for Success at Swom and some great advice for newbie marketers.

The Gold Marketer – Walter Mulder’s blog addresses important issues regarding Swom and Internet Marketing in general and features some of his great contributions to Swom’s Open University.

How To Swom Successfully – Some great tips from Mary Bird.

Swom Help For Newbies – Information to help get started with your profile and a few other pointers from Faye Owens.

SWOM Review: 7 Top Reasons Why You Need To Upgrade To SWOM Gold Membership – Blog post by Thor Sydneyman.

Swom Central – Paul Roberts’ blog is a great central starting place for your Swom education.

Get Paid To Socialize – A collection of Swom banners made by members on Andi David’s blog.

SwomNet.com – Email copy to promote Swom on safelists and banners to promote your Swom link. These require hosting and some knowledge of HTML. Contact me here if you need help.

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