Free Opportunities

Most people venturing into Internet Marketing start out with the idea that they’re not going to spend anything, at least not until they start making money online.

Although it’s easy to see the logic in this, it’s false economy. There are free opportunities where you can earn but you should always ask yourself where the money is coming from to pay you before spending a lot of time and effort on them and generally speaking, that’s what free opportunities involve – a lot of time and effort for very little result.

To make any reasonable amount of money from free opportunities will take you a very long time and a fair amount of work. Any free opportunity which promises anything else is likely to be a scam.

If you’re satisfied with making small amounts of money and waiting a while before you get it (most opportunities have a minimum withdrawal amount), there are plenty of sites where you can surf or read mails for a few cents.

The main benefit of these sites is that they are only dependant on your own activity and don’t necessarily require you to get referrals to make money. This is a bonus for the beginner who may not have learned how to promote effectively yet. It’s also a good way to earn your entry fee into a paid program, especially if you can’t afford or don’t want to pay it from your own pocket.

However, if you’re serious about making money online, being prepared to invest some money in a program will get you earning much quicker, depending, of course, on your ability to market it successfully. If you were setting up an offline business you would expect to spend some money in the process. Marketing online as a full-time business and not just as a pastime requires the same commitment.

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